Axiom welcomes Premier Kikolo’s sentiments

Axiom Mining Limited has acknowledged the sentiments expressed by the Premier of Isabel Province Hon Leslie Kikolo in one of the local dailies today about his government being cautious about issuing Business Licenses to miners.

The Axiom General Manager Dr Phil Tagini says: “Axiom acknowledges the sentiments expressed by Premier Kikolo about his administration’s cautious approach about the issuance of mining licenses to miners due to outstanding landowner issues as published in the Island Sun on Tuesday 13 August 2019.”

“The sentiments speak of the Isabel Premier as a leader with a heart for the common good of Isabelians and must be acknowledged for articulating the position of his administration on an important issue,” Dr Tagini adds.

Dr Tagini, however, says the truth is that Axiom has satisfied its financial requirements under its Surface Access Agreement with the landowning groups of its Mining Lease site on San Jorge, adding .that the persistent suggestion otherwise is misleading and borders on malicious falsehood by those hell-bent on spreading false rumours about Axiom.

“What strikes me, however, is the fact that many logging companies are causing alarming environmental concerns and social discord in the communities but there have never been any concerns or discussions about their business licenses.

“Axiom is committed to maintaining a cordial relationship with its various landowning trustee groups and also maintaining a harmonious relationship amongst its landowner trustee groups in a very challenging environment.

“Our relationship with our various landowning trustee groups and landowners is a real one –which at times is tense but cordial for most of the time,” the Axiom General Manager says.

Dr Tagini says Axiom shares the landowners’ frustration at the delays this project has faced due to inappropriate and at times illegal conduct of particular government officials.

“It is not acceptable that landowners and Isabel province are treated unfairly by just a few with selfish interests and ambitions,” he added.

Dr Tagini says the way forward in dealing with foreign investors in such an environment is to be predictable, non-discretionary, fair and efficient in the way decisions are made. Decisions must be based on the facts and the law and not personal preferences.

As such, the Axiom General Manager says Axiom looks forward to further enhancing its relationship with the Isabel Provincial Government, maintaining its dynamic relationship with landowner trustees and to maintaining the dynamism of the relationship amongst its various landowning trustee groups in going forward.

Source: Deli Oso, Axiom Media & PR Officer