Gozoruru project master plan developed

(SIG/GCU Release): Master plan for Isabel Province Gozoruru Industrial Estate and Commercial Development (IECD) has been amended and accepted for submission to cabinet.

The program was an initiative by the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry Of Commerce, Industry, Labour Immigration and the Isabel Investment Cooperation (IIC) – commercial arm of Isabel Provincial Government.

During a one-day summit at Buala on 9th May, consultants engaged by the government called Tupi Property Appraisal & Associated, Mauritewa, and EKeh presented the Master Plan, Geo-tech Study, and Environment Impact Assessment Studies.

Director of Industrial Development Division Jacob Gala said this is a fulfilment of the government’s commitment towards Industrial Estate and Commercial Program.

“The aim is to develop and broaden economic growth centres, industrial parks and rural growth centres in the country through public and private partnership arrangements.

“This program is a continuous program under the ministry,” Mr Gala said.

The summit ends with five resolutions: 1) The Master Plan is accepted as it is with the necessary amendments agreed upon (2) Isabel Province to provide additional land for IIC to accommodate the extent of the Master Plan (3) The Provincial Government to provide budgetary allocation for the development of the Industrial Township on a yearly basis for a period of 3 to 5 years (4) Ministry of Commerce Immigration Labor to maintain a budgetary allocation for the development of Gozoruru Industrial Township similar to current assistance to Noro town development (5) Other Stakeholders such as the three National Parliamentarians and Ministry of Infrastructure Division (MID) should also assist by way of financial assistance or technical inputs.

Next phase of the project is to consult: government line ministries for their inputs, three Members of Parliament representing the constituencies in the province, utility service providers- Solomon Water, Solomon Power and Solomon Telekom.

The Master Plan is expected to be finalised and submitted for cabinet endorsement followed by sub-division approval, cadastral survey and finally land registration.

The summit was attended by the care-taker premier Honourable James Habu and his executives, Vicar General, his secretary of the Archdiocese of Isabel, Chair Lady and of General Manager of IIC, paramount chiefs, elders, direct and seconded staffs of the province.

Architectural design (3D version) of Gozoruru Development project.