Fa’abasua appointed as the new PS for Malaita

Malaita Provincial Government now has a new Provincial Secretary.

He is Mr. Fredrick Fa’abasua from Faumamanu, East Kwara’ae, in Malaita Province. He received his three year contractual appointment which is renewable upon satisfactory performance from the Permanent Secretary of Public Service effective 9th of May 2019. He graduated from the University of South Pacific with Masters in Politics (2015), Post Grad Diploma in Governance (2013), BA Degree in Education (History-Politics), Certificate in Criminal Law (2011) and Certificate in Project Management Practices (2018).

Prior to his appointment, he was the Director of Governance in the Office of the Ombudsman. He has been employed at the Ombudsman’s Office since 2010 and was also heavily involved in issues confronting Malaita Province in recent years, particularly on financial management.

The Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Mr. Stanley Dick Pirione, welcomes the new Malaita PS into the Ministry and assured him of the Ministry’s continued support in addressing issues confronting Malaita Province. In a brief meeting at the Ministry, PS Pirione stressed to the new Malaita PS that holding the helm of a big Province such as Malaita is not easy as he will be faced with many issues particularly on the areas of finance, project management, and general operations.

Malaita as a Province has been hard hit by recent Audit Issues including unlawful borrowings, unretired imprests, unbudgeted activity spending, staffing issues, revenue collection and whole range of the other issues. Hopefully with the introduction of the new Financial Management Ordinance, it is hoped that Malaita and other Provinces will try and ensure greater compliance and enforcement of good financial management practices.

Mr. Fa’abasua will go through a short orientation program within the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening before heading off to Auki, Malaita Province.

The other two appointed Provincial Secretaries are Mr. John Mark Lokumana for Isabel Province and Mr. James Taeburi for Makira Ulawa Province. Mr. Lokumana was the Deputy Provincial Secretary for Isabel Province while Mr. James Taeburi was the PS for Makira Ulawa Province. Both officers are also engaged on three year contract.

Source: MPGIS Press