Wale-Sogavare case moved to later date

THE Solomon Islands High Court has made further adjournment to the civil case number 238 of 2019 between Honourable Mathew Wale and the Solomon Islands Prime Minister Honourable Manasseh Sogavare to a later date.

This was after the case came before the High Court for mention/hearing yesterday (May 2).

Read below the full release from the Solomon Islands High Court.

The civil case action between Mathew Wale and Manasseh Sogavare and OUR Party, civil case number 238 of 2019, and the judicial review case Mathew Wale and the Governor General and others, number 244/2019 came before the High Court today.

We publish this media release, in order to prevent false information and rumours continuing to spread about these matters in court.

In the first matter, civil case 238 of 2019, Mr Wale is seeking to discontinue that matter while Counsel for Mr Sogavare have filed an application to dismiss the proceedings. The Court will hear these applications at a later time. Both parties are seeking to bring this part of the proceeding to a close; the only outstanding issue in that case will be largely about who will pay the legal costs of those proceedings. This matter will be determined at a later date.

In the second matter, the judicial review case (cc 244 of 2019), which was filed on Monday 29 April 2019, the defendants to that application are the Governor General (1st Defendant), the Prime Minister (2nd Defendant), the Attorney General (3rd Defendant), OUR Party (4th Defendant), the Political Parties Commission (5th Defendant) and the Registrar of Political Parties (6th Defendant).

Counsel for the Prime Minister and OUR Party have filed an interim application seeking to have that judicial review claim struck out, pursuant to Rule 9.75 of the Solomon Islands Courts (Civil Procedure) Rules 2007, on the grounds that, 2

the claim shows no cause of action known to law, and or otherwise, the claim is frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of the Court’s process.

This application was considered by the Court for directions today, whether to give it priority and have it listed for hearing. After deciding to proceed with this interim application as a matter of priority, the Court then made a number of procedural directions to prepare the matter for hearing. Parties have been given directions to file written submissions and that matter is now listed for hearing in the High Court on Friday 17 May 2019 at 9:30 am.

We remind the people of Solomon Islands, these matters involve complex legal issues and will take time and so the members of the public, especially in Honiara City should not spread false stories around about the matters before the court, and to allow the parties to have their day in court without any fear and intimidation.

We continue to thank our people for their understanding and respect for Court processes.

Myonnie A. Tutuo, Registrar, High Court of Solomon Islands