Gov’t to review Public Service salary, remuneration

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) amidst work on finalising its policy document is also focusing on continuing the review of the Public Service Salary Structure and remuneration.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet stated that one of the high priorities of the DCGA is to continue on the progress of the ongoing work on the Remuneration policy to ensure that it is fair, equitable and affordable to both the Government and the Public Service.

“This is aimed at recognizing the capacity of public service officials and retention in the public service,” the statement reads.

According to the statement, the objective of the review is to produce a new revised unified salary structure.

“The objective is also to achieve a fair and affordable employee compensation framework which links financial and nonfinancial rewards to individual and organizational performance,” the statement adds.

The statement said that this is among a number of ongoing policy priorities that the Government is looking forward to deliver under the Social Sector through the Ministry of Public Service (MPS).

Through the Ministry of Public Service (MPS), the DCGA aims to:

  1. Present to Cabinet a New Bill pertaining to the Public Service;
  2. Construct a new IPAM complex;
  3. Review the Public Service salary structure and remuneration;
  4. Conduct functional and organisational review in accordance with SIG priorities;
  5. Encourage effective coordination and efficient administration of all Government Ministries through cluster-groupings.   
  6. The delivery of ongoing and prospective policy priorities is in the interests of peace, national stability and economic advancement for the DCGA.
  7. “The DCGA aims to deliver adequate and quality social services to the people of Solomon Islands in an efficient and effective manner,” the statement reads.

Work on the DCGA policy document is currently in progress.