DCGA commences work on policy document

(OPMC Press): THE Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) has commenced work on its policy document.

Officials have initiated meetings as of Thursday 25 April 2019 to put together the DCGA Policy Statement and Policy Translation & Strategy.

“The new government is serious in getting down to business and that is why officials have started working on the policy just hours after the election of the new Prime Minister,” a statement from DCGA said.

The DCGA is made up of four political parties namely OUR Party, Kadere Party, Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and Peoples First Party (PFP).

“Most of the projects and policies will be a continuation of priority objectives from the previous DCCG/SIDCCG Governments, including other flagship policies from the parties that form the DCGA,” it said.

A work plan has already been agreed on as work on the policy document continues. Implementation of ongoing national priorities included under the 2019 Budget will be progressed without delay. These include the Traditional Governance Bill, Reparation Bill, Bina Harbour Project, Submarine Cable Project, Revitalization of RIPEL and Establishment of DBSI to name a few.

Other ongoing projects include:

  1. Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Bill.
  2. Facilitation of the Dual Citizenship Bill.
  3. Tabling of the Traditional Governance Bill and Land Reform.
  4. Finalizing negotiations with Korean Water & Hyundai Engineering for delivery of the Tina Hydro Project to lower the cost of electricity.
  5. Public Private Partnership with Iris Corporation to deliver Electronic passport technology.
  6. Facilitating investment to support the re-opening of Gold Ridge.  
  7. Acquisition of Bloody Ridge and reunification of local Stakeholders with the involvement of Central Islands Province towards the revitalization of RIPEL.
  8. Consolidation and progress of KDAC as a model of Public Private Partnership in the forestry sector between Private Sector, local resource owners and the SIG.
  9. Infrastructure Projects, Kukum Highway Project, Lambi Road, Upgrading of Provincial airfields.
  10. Securing the 2023 SPG and funding support for construction of a new stadium and upgrade to existing sports facilities.
  11. Completion of the Constitutional Review under the Federal Reform Program.
  12. Improvements to capacity of RSIPF in support of the RAMSI Exit and a peaceful Transition.
  13. Forestry Reforms including cancellation of Agro-Forestry licenses, Moratorium on foreign Logging companies, Forestry Sustainability Committee recommendations.
  14. Securing funding support to complete development of a Reparation Policy in accordance with the recommendations of TRC and prepare a Draft Reparation Bill.

The statement also re-emphasize the importance of political stability as paramount to social and economic progress.

“The fact that the former members from DCCG/SIDCCG remained committed in remaining as a group despite ongoing attempts by a few individuals intent on perverting justice for their own personal gain, is because they see the importance of continuity and consistency that is fundamental to achieving progressive development and collectively represent the wider population of Solomon Islands,” it said.

Meanwhile, the DCGA statement added that more ministers will be sworn-in in the coming days as the Prime Minister looks to appoint his Cabinet Ministers and get down to the serious business of moving our country forward.