SIEO thanks voters, stakeholders for peaceful election

The National General Election 2019 is over, but the Solomon Islands Electoral Office (SIEO) is still busy with post-election activities.

In a statement, SIEO said the success and peaceful implementation of the election was due mainly to the support of all electorates, community and church leaders, stakeholders such as the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, development partners, women and youth groups.

“We therefore are grateful and would like to thank all electorates, community and church leaders, partner stakeholders, donors and all citizens for taking the responsibility of maintaining peace during the election and counting process, “the statement said.

SIEO stated that everyone contributed one way or another towards the successful and peaceful implementation of the election.

“It is the first election to be held and organised by the Solomon Islands after the departure of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, and we’ve proved to the region and the world that we are secured and have regained our status as a peaceful country.

“The Royal Solomon Islands Police force has done an excellent job in terms of proactive policing during the events and must be congratulated for the job well done.

“The support from development partners was important and the timely help from the combined New Zealand and Australian defence forces in providing the needed logistics during the period was vital.”

SIEO said it is the body mandated to run National General Elections, but citizens must take ownership of the event and see it as a positive opportunity to create leadership changes, they desire, through the democratic process of election.

SIEO therefore acknowledged and thanked all electorates, stakeholders, development partners and would like to congratulate the newly elected leaders.

“It was through your cooperation and support that the country successfully elected its new leaders.

“You have shown to the region and the world that we are truly a peaceful country.

“The Electoral Office therefore thank you unreservedly and wish you all a meaningful Easter season. May you and your family be blessed as you celebrate the true meaning of Easter, from the reflection of Good Friday to the joy of Easter Sunday and the promise of eternal life.

“And may the risen Lord continue to bless the Solomon Islands and its people from shore to shore.”