Tiaro community turns to Honey as an alternative for fish

Tiaro Bay community in West Guadalcanal Solomon Islands has started honey bee keeping as an alternative livelihood method to generate income and protect exploitation of their Marine Resources.  

The community has been implementing Community-Based Marine Resource Management by setting aside a managed area that has customary regulation since 2012 for the sustainable use of their marine resources such as fish, shells and corals.

Working in partnership with Honiara-based Kastom Garden Association, the people of Tiaro were able to develop backyard garden since August 2018 and also started bee keeping.

An officer from the Beekeeping Section, Apiary Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture has visited Tiaro where he taught basic beekeeping skills to the community.

It is hoped that this acquired knowledge will greatly help the people of Tiaro Community to start bee keeping business as alternate livelihood.

Activities such as back-yard gardening or honey bee keeping can be a big help for our marine resource management, and at the same time, they can provide a big benefit for each family in the community. Mr. Tom Sotere, the chairman of the Tiaro Bay Marine Management Area Committee said.

“I encourage all the community members to practice the skills transferred. We can share the profit inside of the community and each family can take benefit from those activities happen in the community,” he added.

By Francis Pituvaka, Communication Officer