PM expresses need to purchase CT scan/ Medical Container Facility

(PM Press): PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has expressed the need for the Government to begin the process in seriously purchasing a Computed Tomography scan machine for the country.

The Prime Minister highlighted this when he visited Sony’s Medical Container Facility in Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan recently.

The Sony’s medical container is the latest state of the art innovation by Sony whereby medical equipment’s are set up in a mobile container.

The container can either be an operating theatre or specific medical equipment or facility depending on the request needs.

These medical facilities are mobile and can be transported and set up by Sony.

The unavailability of a CT scan in the country is an issue that has been discussed over the years but to no avail to date.

The Prime Minister said it is time the Government needs to seriously consider options to purchase one.

He said it is an issue he will take up in Cabinet when he returns and the responsible ministry can start the process in looking at alternatives on the best options.

“I am overwhelmed that Sony a powerhouse company in the world has offered to assist in any way possible. Therefore, I hope responsible authorities can start looking at these different options. The ball is in our court,” he said.

The Prime Minister was also introduced to a movable Micro-Hydro Electric Power Generating System which can easily be installed easily in at least 55cm wide water channels.

It has an independent power supply system by connecting its own battery system. This means this that this generating system contributes to local production for consumption of electricity and works as a safety net for electrical power at time of disasters.

“This is an interesting innovation that can be very useful for rural areas in Solomon Islands,” he said.

In fact, the interest has paved the way for the manufacturing company of the generating system to come and start introducing the system in the country next month under the JICA program.

Meanwhile, the PALM 8 meeting which the Prime Minister attended concluded on Saturday.

Image of the CT scan machine. Photo: