RSIPF connected to INTERPOL

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force now connected to the INTERPOL Information System (IIS) last week after the INTERPOL Capacity Building and Technical Team from the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore visited Solomon Islands from 11– 15 December 2017.

The INTERPOL High Level delegation consist of the Head of Asia Pacific Coordination desk, Global Outreach, Regional Support, Coordinator Command & Coordination Centre, Staff from Capacity Building, Training Directorate and Staff from Information System & Technology.

Assistant Commissioner Crime Mr Ian Vaevaso says, “A team from Singapore here in the country last week and helped set up the INTERPOL Web Based Communication System and train the Honiara INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) Staff.”

Mr Vaevaso, “We finally did the last administrative set up of the key communication infrastructures known as the INTERPOL I-24/7 Communication and I-SECOM system which are worldwide secured communication link vital for international police cooperation”.

“Our team have already send notification to all National Central Bureau (NCB’s) around the world, including the General Secretariat and INTERPOL Command & Coordination Centres that we are connected and ready as part of the INTERPOL family in the fight against global crime,” says AC Vaevaso.

He added, “Our team have already received responses from some National Central Bureau around the world who welcome Solomon Islands as a new member and offer to work along with us. Honiara NCB also started to receive notices, requests and diffusions and my Staffs have already assess these reports and familiarise themselves with the system and its applications. I am happy to announce that Solomon Islands (Honiara NCB) is number 191 in the INTERPOL country member listing”.

Mr Vaevaso says, “The Honiara National Central Bureau (NCB) is now responsible to provide 24 hours communication services with the INTERPOL General Secretariat and all National Central Bureaus (NCB) around the world, including supporting the domestic Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in the country.”

“I can assure you that we will working very hard in 2018 to really develop the way we use the INTERPOL system to advance our corporation, intelligence and also the work of our investigations,” says Mr Vaevaso.

Assistant Commissioner Crime concluded, “I am very grateful with the setup of the I-24/7 platform for Honiara NCB and the support Training provided by the INTERPOL delegation. The training would enable RSIPF to share and receive information and by which strengthen law enforcement cooperation in the region and around the world in a stance on global security.”

The Honiara INTERPOL NCB now established in the RSIPF after Solomon Islands was accepted as a member of INTERPOL by the INTERPOL General Assembly this year,” said Mr Vaevaso.

Source: RSIPF Media