SI Red Cross distributes more non-food items to quake-hit Makira


Locals helping Red Cross volunteers unloading Non-food items to be distributed at Hada Bay in Arosi 2, Makira. Photo Credits: SIRCS Media Unit.

Solomon Islands Red Cross Society (SIRCS) continues to distribute Non-Food Items (NFIs) to the affected communities in Makira province.

This is following a dispatch of additional NFIs on Friday 4th January 2017.

The NFIs, which comprised of Shelter kits, hygiene kits, Kitchen sets, linens, buckets and water containers, were shipped to Makira last fortnight to help in the ongoing relief operations.

The humanitarian organisation’s Disaster Preparedness officer confirmed receiving the items.

“We have received additional replenishment of our stock for distribution from the headquarters and we are now beginning to distribute them to households that are destroyed during the earthquake in December last year,” Mr Funusulia said.

Meanwhile, Mr Funusulia also indicated that the replenishment is made to also cater for the gaps that may be found following the initial assessment and distribution, which may also pose a setback to affected families and households in terms of their recovery.

“There could be some community or individual households which may have not been assessed and distributed to initially.

“This second distribution is focused on addressing that,” he added.

Moreover, Mr Funusulia said as the country is now in the period another cyclone season, which spans from November to April annually, it is important the affected people receive the NFIs in time to help them have shelter from associated heavy rains.

Frank Dehu of Hada with the Non-food items he received from the Red Cross.

Frank Dehu of Hada with the Non-food items he received from the Red Cross.

Likewise, 14 communities have been covered with verification and distribution.

Within the communities covered, distribution has been done to 87 households with a total affected population of 477 people.

The Solomon Islands Red Cross Society (SIRCS) is also helping in treating water for the communities whose water sources are severely damaged during the earthquake. Treatment and distribution of water has now covered 10 communities in ward 20 in the weather coast of Makira and has supplied close to 50,000 liters of water.

This initiative is to help local people within the area have access to clean and safe drinking water until such time their water sources improved.

The SIRCS continues to work closely with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and other partners in attending to the relief needs of the affected communities on the Island.

-SIRCS Press