2018 Melanesian Arts Fest to be hosted in SI

The 2018 Melanesian Arts Festival will be hosted in the Solomons.

With just a year away, the national government is working hard to ensure it will successfully host the Melanesian Arts Festival comes 2018.

During the mini-festival held in Honiara last year Minister of Culture and Tourism Bartholomew Parapolo said the country was successful in its bid to host the Melanesian Arts Festival in 2018.

“The Government is committed to making sure that the hosting of this event is supported through committing the necessary resources.  

“Our preparation for the Melanesian Arts Festival in 2018 must take a multi-ministry and multi-sectoral approach.”  

He said the country’s participation at the Guam Festival presents the necessary platform to start promoting the 2018 Melanesian Arts Festival in the Solomon Islands.

“The hosting of the event will also help the Solomon Islands to create our own capacity to host big events of such nature that will attract more tourists to our country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Culture and Tourism Dennis Marita speaking at the Solomon Islands Artists Association (SIAA) open day at the Art Gallery last year said that his division will take necessary steps to refurbish the former Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) village at Panatina.

He said the refurbishment will be part of preparations for the hosting of the 6th Melanesian Arts Festival next year.