Police commended for visible presence

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has been commended for its visible presence in the city throughout Christmas and New Year.

Honiara resident Johnstone Sau said he was pleased to see the police at work.

Mr Sau said since the week leading up to the Christmas Day, Honiara city was busy with people from everywhere rushing here and there doing their last shopping before heading to their respective provinces for their holiday.

“The movement of people was very high at that time so the visible presence of our police officers over the weeks leading up to the Christmas Day must be commended,” Mr Sau said.

He said police are playing a vital role in ensuring our security.

“Seeing police officers patrolling the city is encouraging thus put more confidence in us towards our police force,” Mr Sau said.

“Along the roads, they have been busy controlling the flow of traffic, which made the traffic to flow easily.”

He added the patrols provided by police along the streets of Honiara had allowed the public especially mothers and children to enjoy their time walking along the streets and doing their business without much fear.