Niuleni choir returns from Aussie trip

Niuleni Choir group.

Niuleni Choir group.

A sixty-two strong member of the Niuleni Community Music Ministry (NCMM) returned home Wednesday night following an 18 day trip to Australia.

A statement from NCMM said, the musical group during the trip toured Brisbane, Cooranbong, Sydney, Canberra and return via the same route with stoppages in between.

“The tour was jointly organised by the group themselves and Adquest, a tour company in Australia.”

The group visited sites like the ‘Big Banana’ at Coffs Harbour, slept at the picturesque Watson Park and Yarrahapini Nature Conservation at Stuarts Point.

Visiting wild life areas and having touched many of Australia’s wildlife animals like kangaroo’s, koala, wombat, peacock and many more was an honour for the members.

At Sydney, the members walked along the iconic Sidney Harbour bridge and Opera House. Others rode the ferries as far as Manly. What a fun filled day, it was revealed.

While at Cooranbong, the group had the privilege of visiting Sunnyside, Mrs EG Whites home while in Australia around the turn of the century.

It was at this home that she wrote the book Desire of Ages and some parts of the Steps to Christ.

Today it is a Heritage Museum site. Mrs White was a co-founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The group also visited Avondale College University and the Sanitarium Health Food Company.

In Canberra they toured the information centre and exhibition, SI High Commission office the Museum and the National Parliament where a tour guide took them inside and explain the system of Government Australia is advocating and seating at both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Australian Parliament is a very large building complex where visitors can spend the whole day and still haven’t seen the whole establishment.

The small SI community at Canberra hosted dinner for them and the group was able to present some of their hit songs.

As part of the tour highlight, the members spent three hours cleaning the chancery building and clearing the overgrowth at the compound.

The acting High Commissioner Ms Fiona Indu was so pleased with the group’s gesture.

More than 50% of the members have never been to Australia and the trip was like a dream come true for all of them.

The last five days of the trip was spent at Brisbane at the Abbey International Hotels and Apartments.

Friday night and Sabbath morning was worship times at Brisbane Central Church and combine lunch hosted by the pastor and his members and then in the afternoon programs at Mt Gravatt where a number of Solomon Islanders attend church.

And then there was shopping for three days before the group returned on Wednesday December 14.

The Ministry has thanked those who have contributed in supporting their trip both in Honiara and Australia.

Canberra SI community, Brisbane SI community, Sydney SI community and especially the families of Enmore Fijian Church at Sydney. What an awesome privilege to be part of Gods great Family.

-NCMM Press