PM Sogavare told to resign

The United Democratic Party (UDP) yesterday called on the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to resign gracefully instead of confusing and misleading Members of Parliament over the revocation of his UDP membership.

“Instead of using divide-and-rule tactics to split the Coalition – something Mr Sogavare is well known for – he should focus on why he was removed as a Member of the Party and resign in the best interest of the nation,” a UDP statement said.

“The UDP Executive removed him as a Member by virtue of the provision of the Party’s Constitution, consistent with the provision and spirit of the Political Parties Integrity Act 2014,” the statement added.

“As a Party, the UDP is entitled to defend its integrity and good name. It therefore follows that it has a duty of care in discharging its responsibility towards the people of Solomon Islands..

“The action taken by the UDP President in revoking Mr Sogavare’s membership is unanimously supported by the National Presidents of the People’s Alliance Party and the Kadere Party – the Partners in the ruling Coalition.”

The statement said it was not an easy decision to make, but the UDP had no choice but to act in the best interest of the people of Solomon Islands.

The over-riding considerations in this matter include but not limited to:

  • After 22 months in office and expenditures of $8.4 billion, the people of Solomon Islands have not seen one single policy development initiative being implemented;
  • Failure to convene a meeting of the Executive Members of the ruling Coalition to discuss growing concerns over non-payments of creditors’ accounts;
  • The deterioration in the delivery of services in the social sector; and
  • His provocative and divisive approach on the West Papua issue has undermined and indeed threatened regional security in the South Pacific.The statement said attempts by the Executive Members of the ruling Coalition to discuss these and other equally urgent matters with the Prime Minister were also brushed aside.“Three weeks ago, we again raised these matters with him in writing. Again, he has failed to respond. These are issues of grave concern.“Should the UDP stand aloof and watch while this continues? Of course, not. “The revocation of Mr Sogavare’s membership is consistent with that Divine wisdom that judgement must start at home. “Mr Sogavare should never use UDP politicians as a parachute to save himself, as he is doing now. “Lest he forgets, the UDP membership provided him the platform to contest the position of Prime Ministership. “The people of Solomon Islands expect him to do the honorable thing by them by resigning gracefully. “Further, the UDP wants to make it clear that the issue of leadership is not the Party’s business. “We have done our bit by revoking his membership as the UDP does not want to allow its good name to be called into question just because of one man’s failure to lead. 
  • “The revocation of Mr Sogavare as an UDP member is a warning to other members that if they don’t shape up, they face being shipped out from the Party as well.”
  • “That is a matter to be dealt with by other competent authorities.
  • “His hold on power is questionable,” the statement said.
  • “Now that the membership has been removed as of 9th November 2016, he is no longer qualified to hold an office, let alone to lead a political party.
  • “He must accept the fact that on the basis of law, he has no leg to stand on.
  • “Our action is based on our Party Constitution and is consistent with the provision of the PPI Act 2014 and its regulations.
  • “As a Party we have a duty of care to defend, protect and advance the interests of the people of Solomon Islands. We also believe the divine wisdom that judgement must start at home.

Source: UDP Press