Cassava varieties tested for quality


Participants tested the different varieties of Cassava.

A variety of cassava tuber has been tested for their sweetness, bitterness and fiber at the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) farm near the KGVI School area in east Honiara.

Local farmers from around Honiara, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) staff and other prominent business figures including the General Manager of Varivao Holdings Ltd Duddley Longamei have been invited to conduct the test yesterday, directed by staff at the Technical Mission farm.

Prior to the testing, Chief of TTM in Solomon Islands, Mars Shiue told farmers they are promoting healthy local foods in the country under the Food Crop Improvement Project (FCIP) between Taiwan and the Solomon Islands.

 “We are promoting healthy local foods. Local crops are more adapted to local environment,” he said.

He said FCIP is focus on citizen’s traditional root and tuber crops, including cassava, taro, sweet potato and yam.

“Today we are happy to have preliminary result for cultivation of varies local cassava varieties.

“…we would like to extend high quality varieties to farmers in a near future,” Shiue said.

He added that under the climate change situation, Taiwan will continue to make contribution to food security policy of Solomon Islands.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) is not available yesterday due to a reason he is attending a meeting.

A total of six cassava varieties have been tested for quality yesterday.