CHRISTAFARI blessed many with free concerts

The touring religious reggae band CHRISTAFARI has ignited Honiara City with two free concerts at the Town Ground Rugby Stadium last Friday and Saturday – two sets of concerts that have blessed thousands of hearts and souls.

With their second consecutive tour here, the American based band staged two nights of moving concerts.

Considered as the “Musicianaries” – using their unique blend of traditional roots and contemporary dancehall reggae to proclaim an uncompromising message of hope and salvation to this lost generation, the band’s two nights of concert in the city was well received by all Christians and reggae music lovers.

The turnout of concert goers was extreme as the stadium was filled with people that wanted to hear more of the band’s live entertainment and preaching.

People were also blessed and touched with the moving testimonies that were shared during the two nights of concert – and these were the highlights of both nights.

Most people have also experienced frisson/aesthetic chills – a feeling like waves of pleasure running all over their skins when the band went live on stage.

“I felt goosebumps running over my skin when Christafari came on stage.

“It was a blessed moment for me and my family and I want the band to come back once more in the near future, maybe next year again,” one father who joined the two free concerts with his family commented.

Speaking exclusively to the Solomon Star after their arrival last Thursday, the band’s founding father Mark Mohr said they are so happy to be coming back to the Solomon Islands.

“We never had done any of this in any country before, where we are coming for free.

“This shows how much we loved this country. So we are investing so much and that sacrifice is going to be worth it because we believed Jesus has called us here,” Mr Mohr said.

“Words cannot express how incredibly blessed the last 2 nights have been in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

“We ministered to around 18,000-20,000 people (throughout both nights) & saw a multitude of decisions for Christ.

“Please continue to pray for these individuals & for this beautiful nation,” Mr Mohr posted this comments on his Facebook page, yesterday.

Meanwhile according to Mr Mohr, if everything goes well they will return to the Hapi Isles anytime soon.

The band will leave for Vanuatu and Fiji as part of their Melanesia Tour 2016.

Source: Solomon Star/Solomon Today Post