New home for civil registration


Minister Maelanga (center) with Development Partner representatives and Staff of the Ministry of Home Affairs at the opening ceremony.

The Government’s Civil Registration Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs has a new home which now provides convenient and efficient civil registration and vital statics services to the public.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Manasseh Maelanga formally opened the new office yesterday, which is located at the second floor of the Anthony Saru building in central Honiara.

The establishment of the office is a result of the cordial partnership between the Solomon Islands Government, UNICEF, WHO and Bloomberg to fulfill the civil registration needs of Solomon Islands.

“I would like to thank all stakeholders, especially, UNICEF, WHO and Bloomberg for their efforts in assisting us to achieve this very important responsibility of our Government,” Mr Maelanga said.

He also acknowledged the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) Board and Management for kindly allocating the office space for the Government to administer the civil registration process.

Civil registration provides individuals and the State with legal recognition that a birth, death or marriage has taken place. It is the basis on which a person establishes their legal identity, including their name, their age, where they were born and who their family is.

It is also the preferred source of counting how many births and deaths have taken place, as well as statistics on characteristics like life expectancy or the causes of those deaths which is a fundamental function and responsibility of government.

Data and Statistics kept by the Civil Registration Office will provide more efficient policy decision making and could form the basis for ensuring the integrity of voter registration and building a national identification system in the future.

Chief of the UNICEF Field Office in Solomon Islands, Mr Yun Jong Kang said the improvement of civil registration will satisfy the right of every child in Solomon Islands to be registered and be legally recognized by the State.

“It is pleasing that we have achieved one of our important goals to ensure the right of every child to be registered and legally recognized by the State,” Mr Kang said.

The Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Office will undertake a nation-wide awareness campaign early next year to educate people about the functions of the Office.

People wishing to collect birth or death certificates are strongly encouraged to visit the new office on Level 2 at the Anthony Building.

Source: Government Communication Unit