Acting PM welcomed MSG delegates

The Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Private Sector Development (PSD) meeting and the National Trade Fair Show was officially opened in Honiara on Monday.

 Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Maelanga opened where he urged participants to engage in networking to achieve the visions of the Melanesian leaders on the PSG strategy.

 Attending on behalf of my Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare, the current MSG Chair, Hon Maelanga welcomed the delegates for the 4-day event, acknowledging the Ministry of Commerce and the MSG Secretariat staffs in organising the sub-regional economic event.

“From the Chair’s office, I note that the MSG Private Sector Development (PSD) Strategy that has already been endorsed by leaders on the 14th of July 2016 in Honiara will be the focal point for discussion this week.”

“This is indeed an opportunity for greater awareness raising on the different section of the PSD strategy and also it is my view that members should take the opportunity to network and engage in sharing experiences.”

“These next couple of days will be very important to do just that – Networking, sharing and engaging in business talks.”

“Our convening this week is a result of the mandate and decision of our Leaders on PSD strategy.”

Hon Maelanga made special acknowledgment must be rendered of tiring efforts undertaken by respective MSG officials in Trade, Economic, Planning, Customs, Quarantine, Investment, Immigration, Labour, Maritime, Legal, Private Sector Civil Society, MSG secretariat and experts for bringing about the work on the PSD strategy.

“Now we are taking the small steps further in doing awareness, ensuring that it supplements Members National Development Strategies”, he said.

Hon Maelanga said the PSD strategy becomes a guide towards achieving the vision that MSG leaders have put in place and that is 2038 Prosperity Plan For All.

“Therefore the steps that we will be taking this week will determine how far we will be towards achieving our leader’s vision.”

The Acting Prime Minister concluded his remarks by acknowledging the funding support of the EU through the Pacific Integration Technical Assistance Project Trade (PITAP) while welcoming prospects of further funding and technical support through the 11th EDF.

The MSG Private Sector Development meeting takes place at the Heritage Park Hotel and ends on Friday.

 Source: PM Press Secretariat