Dengue alert

Public told to take extra precaution

The general public has again been warned to take extra precaution in light of an increasing number of dengue fever cases being recorded at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara.

Registrar at the Emergency Department at NRH, Dr Pedical Togamae told the Solomon Star yesterday that they have recorded an increasing number of dengue cases over the past days with new suspected cases each day.

“We have noted that there is increasing cases seen daily,” he said.

He however clarified it’s not an outbreak since there is not too many cases. “But suspected cases are being seen increasing every day and the public must be alerted to take extra care.”

He said the Surveillance Unit and the Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the situation.

Dr Togamae urges the public to take extra care and be proactive to avoid catching the illnesses.

“Please clean your homes, change water of your pot plants and use mosquito repellents during morning and evening to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.

“Try as much as possible to stop the breeding sites of the mosquitos around your homes

“Because as I speak, majority of the cases I have seen from 4pm till 1am (Sunday) are dengue suspect.

“And the real disaster is when there is not enough bed and our people (patient) are sleeping on the floor. So take care,” he appeals.

He said, the public must be informed that being proactive and keeping themselves and adhering to health advises is paramount to keep everyone from infections.  

Dr Togamae said symptoms of dengue fever include; headache, high fever, joint pain, body ache, dizziness and people will be lying on bed the whole time.

“Danger signs of it (dengue) usually appear in day 4- day 7 when fever goes down adding the worrying signs are; Persistent vomiting, abdominal pain, bleeding (from spitting, from nose, coughing, per vagina and diarrhoea blood or watery stool,” he stated.

“If anyone of you senses the signs and symptoms please consult your nearest clinic or hospital for medical attention.

“This is not a new disease so we all know how to keep us well,” Dr Togamae reminds the public.

In the past dengue has also claimed a number of lives.