New classroom for St Nicholas College


Part of the new primary two-storey classroom building.

Saint Nicholas College’s primary school division has a new two-storey building classroom.

The school unveiled its new facility during their 31st anniversary celebration yesterday.

The new building cost $2.1 million and will house grade one to grade six streams.

“The building is the most expensive facility so far that the school had undertaken but spacious and durable and very nice,” School Principal Christina Vunagi said while delivering her keynote address.

She said the students will move to occupy this building as of term four.

The building consist of six classrooms, two offices – one for the headmaster and one for the deputy, a conference room for teachers, a storage and a school canteen , toilets for boys and girls.

It is a sizeable building.

Mrs Vunagi said the two-storey building in the Primary School will cater for a double stream from year 1 to year 6.

She thanked the Primary School students, teachers and parents for entrusting her to manage their funds.

“I wish to congratulate and also thank all Primary School students, teachers and parents for your support for trusting me to manage your funds.

“My request to you the staff and students of primary school is to look after the building and use it for the purpose it is intended.

“Keep it clean both inside and outside and look after it well,” she urged.

“The reason we are here today is to remember those whose vision has been achieved and still progressing and those who contributed resources, time and effort towards the building up of St Nicholas College.

“And the school has seen it fit to propose a theme of today’s celebration: Vision, Achievement and Progress by the Grace of God.”

She added St Nicholas College is greatly indebted to those who for the last 31 years have put their kind hands, heads and hearts together to develop and build up the school to what it is today.

“Acknowledgment and sincere gratitude then must be accorded to all stakeholders, former students, former teachers, former parents and School Committee members, Board of Management and the Church of Melanesia Education Authority, both in the past and the present, for the valued contributions and supports whether big or small.”

She also thanked all the good and faithful parents of the school for maintaining the spirit of commitment and taking responsibility without counting the cost and has always responded positively to the school’s many requests.

“This was the spirit that was experienced among those pioneer parents who gave their resources, time and labour to build up this school.

“By the completion of this classroom, all the old St Nicholas building has all been replaced and for me, I feel that my work is done and I wish to thank God for blessings the school,” she added.

She also made special acknowledgement to late pioneers of the school for their contributions.

Contributors towards the construction of the new two-storey building include;

  • Primary School SIG grant -$584,779.09
  • Primary General Account- $626,893.43
  • SIG MEHRD Project Grant- $398,244.29
  • ACOM Project Grant- $49,753.40
  • Secondary General – $354,685.10
  • Canteen – $16,268.75
  • TOTAL= $2,030,624.06