SPO supports Helena Goldie hospital


SPO officials handover the hospital beds to the Helena Goldie hospital staff Dr Richard Hapa. Photo Stephen Diisango.

He Goldie Hospital at Munda, Western Province has received a timely assistance from South Pacific Oil (SPO) company on Wednesday.

SPO team which includes Dr Levi Hou SPO Board Director, Kunal Nandan, SPO Chief Finance Officer, Joseph Huta SPO Management Accountant, William Watepuru Sales and Marketing Manager and SPO Sales and Marketing officer David Bogese visited the hospital this week and handed 50 hospital beds plus 32 mattresses and other medical equipment.

Witnessing the donation were management and employees of SPO Noro branch, Helena Goldie hospital staff and members of the Munda public.

Mr Nandan said the donation was part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to assist institutions, and investing in communities where they do business.

“Corporate social responsibility is important for SPOL because, we believe in investing in the communities where we do business, providing necessary skills and training to nurture the workforce of tomorrow, being environmentally responsible citizen and most importantly reaching out to those in need,” he said.

He said, “this is ingrained in our corporate values- ‘WE CARE.’

Mr Nandan added that after all, it’s the responsibility of the SPOL management team to ensure that they are a good corporate citizen of Solomon Islands.

Willies New Zealand Limited sourced the hospital beds.

Mr Nandan said that the SPO marketing team has been visiting other provinces from the start of the year which included visiting provincial hospitals and government schools and donating medical equipment and fuel as part of CSR programs and also reaching out to customers based in the provinces adding more similar visits are expected in the near future to the other provinces.

Mr Nandan added that SPOL treats CSR with utmost importance and they believe that strong companies build strong communities and strong communities build strong companies.

“Our commitment to our communities makes us a stronger company and strengthens the communities where our employees live and work.”

He also urged that all organisations should engage in community wok such as this so that together we can make a positive difference to our communities.

Dr Richard Hapa while receiving the donation said it’s a precious gift adding it’s a great honour and privilege for him to receive such generous donation.

“It is indeed a great honour and privilege for me to receive such gift of medical equipment on behalf of the United Church in Solomon Islands and the Helena Goldie hospital.

“This precious gift of 50 hospital beds, 32 mattresses and other goods from the SPOL is not cheap and it shows your heart of love not only to the people of Munda and its surrounding, but also to the entire Western and Choiseul provinces and the Solomon Islands and foreigners as well,” Dr Hapa said.

He said Helena Goldie hospital has been managing with support from partners and friends and without sound financial backing, the hospital resort to the best it could to provide the services.

“Hard wooden beds are used in the wards to supplement the shortage of proper hospital beds, and with this assistance we can improve the comfort of our patients.

“Word’s cannot properly describe the joy and excitement I have today on behalf of the hospital staff and United Church in the Solomon Islands and I hope this is not a one off commitment, but the beginning of our partnership,” Dr Hapa concluded.

Mr Nandan said SPO was formed in 2006 when it acquired the business of Shell in the Solomon Islands.

“It has been 10 years in the making and now SPO is one of the biggest corporate companies in the country and most importantly it is 100% owned by the people of Solomon Islands through their contribution to the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF),” he said.

Director of Nursing Telokana said Helena Goldie hospital has 75 beds

“We have a total of 30 staff including six (6) being employed under the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), two (2) employed under the Western Provincial Health Authority, 19 employed under Helena Goldie Hospital and United Church in Solomon Islands (Mission) plus three (3) others who are still on probation.”

The hospital is serving about 28-30 thousand people.

The SPO team also had the privilege to tour the Helena Goldie Hospital various wards led by Andrew Telokana, Director of Nursing on Wednesday afternoon.

The Solomon Star understands, SPO had also donated similar assistance to Buala hospital in Isabel Province and Kira Kira hospital in Makira/Uluwa Province in previous months.

SPOL will celebrate its 10th year anniversary later in the year.