Opposition welcomes RSIPF and Finance joint initiative

The Parliamentary Opposition Group has acknowledged the joint agreement signed by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and Ministry of Finance & Treasury to closely monitor the use of public funds.

In a statement today, the Opposition Group says the partnership will strengthen the monitoring system on the use of public funds and apprehend people or persons suspected of involving in unlawful dealings.

The Parliamentary Opposition Office whilst commending the government on this useful initiative says that the collaboration is a long overdue one.

“This initiative is long overdue but yes it is about time that Government funding and delivery are monitored so that public funds are expended with accountability,” it said.

The Opposition Group says this partnership must kick off immediately and investigations into misappropriation of public funds must also convene as soon as possible.

The statement also adds that the partnership must also allow both past and present records of embezzlement of public funds to be investigated.

“The Opposition Office hopes that the implementation of the partnership will also take into account previous years’ records or cases which will allow alleged misuse of public funds that have gone undetected to be investigated,” it said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Office says the agreement is a step in the right direction urging both the RSIPF and MOFT to work together to weed out fraudulent dealings within the Finance Ministry.

“The agreement in a way is an answer to the Opposition’s earlier call for the Government to carry out an audit within the Finance Ministry following allegations of serious misuse of public funds,” the Parliamentary Opposition stated.

The Opposition Office also recommended that, should the implementation of the agreement is successful; the future of the partnership in terms of reference could include a provision of an analysis report on the national budget implementation.

“This is to ensure that allocated funds for specific heads under the budget are expended on its intended purposes and that any appropriation that does not justify the basis for virement can be further investigated,” the Opposition Office stated.

“This TOR is important to ensure we also have a credible budget, one that delivers to the expectations of the people,” it said.

Source: Opposition Press