Facing life’s challenges

There is different expression one could say about life without a parent.Melody Afia picx

Many have their own expression.

Some say it’s like a garden without a fence around it.

It’s difficult and challenging to deal with life without our loved ones. Perhaps, you don’t like doing anything except to think about them.

That’s exactly how Melody Afia felt about her family situation

From Malaita, Ms Afia, 31, is the 11th born in a family of 12.

Her siblings have all grown up and are now raising their own families.

Ms Afia is currently on study vacation in Fiji in the field of Theology.

 “I was brought up in a family of 12.

“My siblings have all grown up and have their own home.

“Both my parents have died, leaving me to be raised by an uncle since I was five,” she said.

Ms Afia was raised in a strong Christian family.

She said growing up without her biological parents was challenging and tough.

 “To be someone living without my parents is quite challenging sometimes.

“Personally I have some of the things I needed in my life, but I couldn’t afford it, but I really thank God for some of the members in my family who were there to support me and stand by me.

“They are part of my life and I thank them for their generous help in meeting my needs.

“Sometimes I was not able to really share my feeling to those who were surrounding me, it’s not the same when sharing my feeling to my parents I have the confidence in whatever I want from them,” she said.

Ms Afia did her formal education from primary to secondary at Koloale community High School in Honiara.

In 2002 she sat for the form three entry exams but could not make it through to form 4.

Ms Afia said that she feels like her education has come to an end since she did not pass her form three exams and thought that her future is in vanity.

“I was a form three drop-out student in 2002.

“I did my formal education in Koloale community high school, from the primary to the secondary, however, I was not able to reach form 4 because of the examination system that I failed in my grades to pass to form 4.

“During that time I thought my future had end there, but I thank God for His great plan for my life is best than my own plan,” she said.

When Weekend Magazine asked her why she’s pursuing theology as her mode of study, she said the choice was God’s.

 “Studying theology was never my dream.

“When I was in the high school, it was my dream to study a secular course.

“However, things turned out different for my life. And I know it is the plan of God for my life to be in the Bible College,” she said.

Ms Afia is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts (MA) studies in Theology at the South Pacific Bible Theological College in Fiji after graduating in certificate from South Pacific Missionary Training Centre 2014.

2016 is Ms Afia’s final year of study.

As someone who is self- sponsored, it is not easy but said she was grateful for her family support.

 “I was a self-supported student. I was so grateful for my family members who are putting their effort to help me in my study.

“Sometimes I know it’s hard for them to help because of other family commitments, and during the time I just depend on God as my source of provider in all that I need.”

She admitted that she goes through a lot of challenges, which she always take them in pray.

“I have gone through a lot of challenges in my life journey.

“As a form 3 drop-out and doing theology study in a different country is challenging, especially when trying to speak and write in English.

“My classmates are all highly-education, but with God’s help, I am coping well.

 “Sometimes I don’t have money to buy things I need, but I still hold on to the promise of the one who calls me to be in the bible school.

“And He is always faithful to provide for my needs, and I have seen so many great things God has done for me through my life here, especially in finance for my tuition fees.

“To reach this level in my education is nothing more or less but because I always depend on the one who is the source of wisdom and knowledge known as God alone,” Ms Afia said.

By reflecting on her past life and present, Ms Afia said it’s only God’s goodness and strength that bring her this far.

“As I take sometimes to reflect on how far am reaching my education as the theological student all I can say is; because of God I can reach this far in my study.

“He (God) is the source of wisdom and knowledge, even though I have my own plans in life, but God’s direction and His purpose for my life is different from my own.

“With His (God) guidance I am now reaching and achieving my dream to impact the lives of young people with the truth about our living God.

“Because life without Christ is nothing. And I really have the great passion in me to impart the word of God to the nation, because this world is not our home, our destiny is in heaven.

“One can enjoy his or her life, my challenge is where will you spend your eternity?”

She said that it was her passion to study the history of how God in His existence and how the world was created, not the history of the secular education.

“I just wanted to know more about God because there are people preaching about God, but I don’t really know the deeper things of God, and the Bible.”

Ms Afia said that everyone has a life purpose to fulfill on this earth as intended by God.

“I would like to put the message across to whoever is facing life’s challenges as a youths, I do believe that all of us has a purpose in life to fulfill.

“In order for one to know the reason of His existence in this world, we need to go back to the original, who is God alone, I want to leave this scripture of Jeremiah 29: 11, for I know the plan for you said the Lord almighty, plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plan to give you hope for the future.’’

“God has the best for each person, we may have our own plans for our lives, but God’s plan is the best that will bring peace and eternal destination for all who serve Him and desire to love Him faithfully.