Opposition seeks clarification on govt’s link to mainland China

ManeleThe Parliamentary Opposition Office is calling on the Government to clarify the nature of the Prime Minister’s recent meeting with officials from mainland China.

The Opposition Office made the call following the Prime Minister’s meeting with senior officials from Mainland China last week.

In a statement today, the Opposition Group also urged the Prime Minister to clarify some of his recent statements that appeared to suggest that the Government is looking to mainland China to support its preparation for the 2023 Pacific Games.

The Opposition Office says it is very important that the Prime Minister as the head of the Government must clarify the meeting to ensure there are proper diplomatic understanding in regards to the country’s relationship with Mainland China and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

“The Prime Minister needs to clarify to the nation whether his Government is also looking to shift its diplomatic relationship to mainland China,” it says.

The statement says whilst the Opposition understands that the country has bilateral relationship with ROC and also has trade relationship with mainland China; the meeting between the Chinese officials and the Prime Minister seem to indicate that the Government is taking up a political relationship.

The Parliamentary Opposition further expressed its concern on the relationship the Prime Minister as parliamentary wing leader of United Democratic Party (UDP) is proposing, to establish a political party relationship between UDP and Mainland China’s only political party which is a communist party; and in essence the Chinese government.

“Basically, the country is establishing political ties with Mainland China and it does so with little regard to ROC whom we have bilateral and cultural ties with. This is insensitive and the Prime Minister must come clean over this issue,” the Opposition Office stated.

Source: Opposition Press