Parties reconcile


Mr Sangu apologising to SIPCRRA Marau for atrocities committed against the people of Marau during the ethnic tension. Photo: PM Press Secretariat.

SOLOMON Islands Post Conflict Reconciliation Rehabilitation and Restoration Association (SIPCRRRA) Guadalcanal had reconciled with Marau and Royal Solomon Islands Police force at Rove playing ground, West Honiara, on Tuesday.

The reconciliation was part of the National Healing and Apology programme organized by the national government to try and bring peace after the ethnic conflict on Guadalcanal from 1998-2003.

Leader of SIPCRRRA Guadalcanal, Joseph Sangu presented their traditional money and chupu (traditional gifts) to both Police and Marau former ex-combatants, as sign of making peace.

Police Deputy Commissioner, Gabriel Manulusi, Deputy Commissioner, Juanita Matangi and Acting Police Commissioner, Gwen Ratu received the gifts on behalf of the RSIPF.

While, Marau also exchanged their traditional money and chupu to Guadalcanal for fighting with them during the conflict.

Sangu said the country desired peace, so they should not wait for another 40 years to make it happen.

He said it’s time to move on and let politics deal with political issues.

Sanga wish to thank the government for organizing the event.

While Marau leader, Joseph Kinai like Guadalcanal, their people have also suffered with losing properties and lives.

However, he said it was not the time to recall the past but move on.

 “It is you and I that will rebuild the country and not RAMSI and international partners,” he added.

Furthermore, Mr Manelusi apologized to everyone if the RSIPF had caused any problem to them during the ethnic conflict.

The Commissioner of Correctional Service also apologized to anyone his officers have caused to them during the conflict.

The reconciliation ended with jubilation and shouts of joy.

Deputy Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga, Minister of National Peace and Reconciliation, Samson Maneka, Minister of Police and National Security and Correctional Service, Stanley Sofu and RAMSI Special Coordinator have attended the programme.

The reconciliation continues today between SIPCRRRA Guadalcanal and Malaita province.

Source: Solomon Star/Solomon Today Post