Opposition queries who will fund tension claims

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Prime Minister and his Government to explain where they will source funding to payout the tension related claims.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group made this call following a statement in the Solomon Star on Wednesday last week that the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC) is continuing to receive claims and submissions from different groups.

The Parliamentary Opposition is aware that amongst the different groupings are nurses, doctors, police officers, former militants, victims and others affected during the crisis.

“We are more concerned how the Government is going to fund this and where they will get the money,” it said.

The Opposition Group says the DCCG policy outline must also be specifically clear to these payments to avoid Government opening itself up to claims that could even be dated back beyond the crisis.

“Therefore if the Government pays the claims then it must also consider other outstanding genuine claims which also include that of the people of Choiseul and Shortlands also during the ethnic crisis,” it said.

“That is why the Opposition is expressing its worry that the Government might be opening up a can of worms,” it said.

The Opposition adds the Government must also inform the nation how much it has budgeted for; to payout the tension related claims and when it will take place.

Source: Office of the Leader of Opposition