Independent group supports airlines shutdown

SikuaTHE Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua has supported the temporary standing down of operation by Solomon Airlines today.

This is in relation to the suspension of both domestic and international flight operations by the Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Airlines Ron Sumsum, due to failure by stakeholders to reach satisfactory and timely arrangements to address the financial position of the airline.

In a statement, Dr. Sikua said the inaction by the government to address the airline’s issue in its earlier stage should be condemned. Now, it should teach the government a lesson to learn.

 “This unfortunate situation could have been avoided if all stakeholders in particular the board of Solomon Airlines and Minister of Finance had initially taken decisive action and shown leadership,” he said.

Dr Sikua added that this issue has taken almost a year now before the decision to take this unpopular action.

“It is sad to see that Solomon Airlines has to stand down its operation before the government took notice of it.

“Apparently, it has become a trend in Solomon Islands that in any situation, we have to reach a crises level before doing something.

“We cannot risk this country by applying crises management strategies all the time. It is not advisable.

“This situation should have been avoided should there is open dialogue between the board, management, and the Minister of Finance,” he expressed. 

He said that the truth of the matter is; there was a breakdown of communication between the stakeholders due to vested interests which resulted in the incident; causing a lot of inconveniences to the domestic and international travelers.

Hon Sikua further urged the stakeholders to work together and put all political and vested interests aside for the good of our country.

Source: Parliamentary Independent Group Press