Young performers expressed pride in representing Solomons’ at FestPac

9SOLOMON Islands young performers have expressed pride after two weeks of representing the country at the 12th FestPac in Guam.

The first timers to this year’ s festival said representing the country (Solomon Islands) is an honor while at the same time inspired them to develop an interest in promoting, conserving and reviving some of their cultural dances which are at risk of disappearing.

Sikaiana teenager, Melinda Hongi, who represented her island in performing arts said it was an amazing experience to share her culture through song and dance with other pacific islanders in the last two weeks.

“It was amazing to experience the many different form of arts and cultures being presented during the last two weeks. It really, inspires me as a young person to keep our traditional dances alive for our future generations,” the softly spoken Sikaiana girl said.

Apart from being a dancer, Melinda also participated in the fashion and design in the traditional category to showcase some of the country’ s traditional costumes, which amazed the festival crowd when she appeared on stage.

Another traditional dancer, 22 year old Elizabeth Komatua from Isabel province shared similar sentiments saying she was so excited to represent the country, province and ethnic group to showcase and share her culture with others through song and dance.

“I am so proud since the festival has given our delegation an opportunity to promote our country to the outside world. Not only that but it has inspired my group to keep our cultures alive.

36The Noda Sale Olo group presented stories of their past and how their ancestors have lived through song and dance.

“These songs and dances have told us how our ancestors lived their lives before and it is important that we revive and maintain these practices because some of them are relevant in raising our families and protecting our land and environment today,” Ms Komatua said.

In the modern music category, two young female Solomon Islands sensational singers Caroline Kopana and Rosie Delmah have won the hearts of thousands of festival-goers in the last two weeks.

Their efforts have raised the profile of Solomon Islands music industry, which is an important step for our musicians.

The pair who has teamed up with a collection Solomon Islands top musicians under the Jam House category was stars in their own rights.

“I am so proud with our Government for giving me an opportunity to represent my beloved country at this festival,” said Caroline who hails from Shortland Islands and Malaita.

“I have learned a lot of things, especially, in terms of other pacific cultures and making new friends from the region,” she added.

29Similarly, the country’ s rising star and Youtube sensation Rosie Delmah said he was honored to be part of the Solomon Islands delegation to represent her country in such as huge regional gathering.

Rosie who was the most chased after delegate for photo opportunities after her rendition of Adele’ s “Hallow” hit millions of viewers world wide said it was amazing to perform in front of her regional and international fans at the FestPac.

“I was amazed that I have a huge following here in Guam and I am proud to represent and promote Solomon Islands in Guam to the outside world,” she said.

The Festival formally closed today afternoon, Saturday June 4 at Paseo Stadium.

The Solomon Islands delegation will return home tomorrow Sunday.

Source: Solomon Islands contingent for 12th FestPac 2016/Solomon Today Post