Transformational Leadership training impacts young women

MEMBERS of the Young Women Parliamentary Group (YWPG) are hoping to make an impact in their various work places and communities after a three day Transformational Leadership (TL) Seminar in Honiara this week.

The TL Seminar runs from 1st to 3rd of June and is organized by the National Parliament Civic Education Department Gender Component, facilitated and funded by UN Women.

Interestingly, this seminar involved six participating Forms 5 and Forms 7 female students from King George Sixth School and St. Nicholas College.

In a statement to open the seminar, Clerk to National Parliament of Solomon Islands, Clezy Rore thanked UN Women for the technical and financial support towards gender and women related issues in the country

He said he is confident this will not be the last support given by UN Women to YWPG, instead, their assistance towards this three days training is a symbol of long term commitment of UN Women to maintain a cordial relationship with Solomon Islands Government, Provincial Government and the National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

“With the theme Transformational Leadership, you will all agree with me that at the end of this seminar you will learn new scope of leadership strategies that aspiring women leaders need to be aware of,”Mr Clezy said.

“Gender Equality does not demand that men and women are equal but it is about fairness in access to opportunities by all men and women, boys and girls,” said Audrey Manu, National Programme Coordinator of UN Women’s Advancing Gender Justice Programme.

Audrey is one of the main facilitators of the seminar.

She emphasized to the young women that, “gender equality is not about a woman or a man trying to over ride the other but it is about fair treatment and equal access to opportunities.”

Thus, the aim of the seminar which is to ensure these young women learn and understand transformational leadership, nurture and strengthen young women’s skills as transformational leaders to enhance gender equality and to inspire and motivate young women to participate on leadership roles.

Gender equality refers to the goal of achieving equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men and boys and girls.

The young women were introduced to a lot of new knowledge and have made comments on how this seminar has opened their minds to realize that Transformational Leadership starts with the individual by, knowing oneself before reaching out to others in discharging responsibilities in a gender balance manner.

Topics covered in the seminar include: Gender which branch out to Gender Equality, Discrimination, Gender Relations, Gender Order, Gender Inequalities, Substantive Equality, the definition of transformational Leadership, and activities of self assessments to find out what kind of leaders they are, which really humble the young women.

The seminar went as far as presenting topics on Gender Responsive Governance. This included Governance and Good Governance where transparency and accountability were discussed, and the Universal conventions on human rights where women’s rights were question and discussed.

The seminar further covered topics on Gender Responsive Policy and Practice, Gender Responsive Budgeting whereby leaders recognize gender issues in policy making both in the private and public sector, and that budget allocations do not overlook gender issues.

One of the highlights during the seminar is a presentation by participating students who praised YWPG and UN Women for such a wonderful opportunity to recognize their participation.

They said they now feel confident and empowered to ensure as student leaders that gender is addressed at all levels in their schools.

Today these young women will be fully engaged in topics covering: effective communication and networking as concluding topics of the seminar.

These young women aspiring leaders will then look for ways to ensure, Bills that come before Parliament are gender checked before they are brought to Parliament. This is to ensure that gender needs are recognize in budgets and legislature before they are passed and enforced.

The Young Women’s’ Parliamentary Group (YWPG) is a group established under the gender component of the Parliamentary Civic Education Department, of the National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

It is established under the mission to create space for young women to experience and participate in leadership to fulfill its vision to:

  • Recognize, allow and build emerging young women leaders to reach their full potential to positively influence their communities
  • Networking young women with current leaders to enhance and develop young women in leadership.

YWPG was formed in 2011 under the support of the National Parliament, SIG and UNDP Parliamentary Strengthening Project and had organized successful seminars, workshops and conferences focused on women and politics in Solomon Islands.

Source: Parliament Media Unit