Fiji trip a success: Ramohia

RAMOHIATHE Malaita Provincial Premier Peter Ramohia says their recent trip to Fiji was a success.

And he said they have learned a lot of positive stuffs from Fiji as a Melanesian neighbor.

“Our trip to Fiji was very successful. We have learned a lot of positive things from the Melanesia neighbours Fiji which could be applied here in Malaita for the benefit of the Malaitans,” he said while delivering his keynote at the commissioning of Gwaunaru’u airport on Wednesday.

 “The purpose of the tour to Fiji is for us to learn about how Fiji deals with its lands, custom and leadership which enable them develop and which sees its people are now greatly benefiting from today.”

He said the system applied in Fiji can also be effectively practical in Malaita for the beneficiary of the Province.

Ramohia also emphasis on the importance of recording where he then encourage all the tribes in the Province (Malaita) to do their own tribal recording to guarantee no one is missing out so that when development comes, the tribe as a whole will benefit.

Last week, Premier Ramohia headed a delegation to Fiji which consists of 21 members of which 13 are chiefs representing the regions of Malaita plus six Provincial members.

The delegation arrived back in Auki, Wednesday.

By Admin/News Desk