Ban on Beche-de-mer harvest still on

THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) is aware that illegal harvesting of beche-de-mer is taking place in some parts of the country and strongly warns offenders they will face hefty prosecution if caught.

MFMR Director Mr Edward Honiwala confirms his office has received reports of people harvesting beche-de-mer illegally and urges them to stop immediately.

“We have information about people illegally harvesting beche-de-mer and this must stop immediately,” he said.

Mr Honiwala points out that his ministry does not have any plans to open the beche-de-mer fisheries in the near future because of the decline in its stock and warns people to refrain from harvesting it.

Currrently there is a moratorium ban for harvesting any sea cucumbers in Solomon Islands and anyone caught harvesting illegally will be prosecuted.

The moratorium ban on beche-de-mer harvest came into force May last year after it was opened in December 2014.