Undersea cable project gets green light

Police Minister Shanel. Photo credit: ParliamentMINISTER for Communication and Aviation (MCA) Peter Shanel revealed in parliament, Monday that the short fall of US$10 million to fund the submarine cables now stands at US$5 million after some donors willing to fund the other half of the outstanding cost.

Shanel revealed this after continuous pressure from some Members of Parliament (MP) who questioned the delay in the implementation of this important project.

In response to curiosity surrounding the issue, Shanel told the house that they are working closely with the technical committee to ensure things keeps progressing on the right trend.

The remaining US$5 million should be afforded by the government, seeing that some donor partners steps in to meet the other half of the outstanding costs.The project is right on track, as the government remain optimistic on its implementation.

MP for Malango in the Central Guadalcanal highlands said the Government would form a company known as Solomon Islands Sea Cable Company (SISCC) to operate as a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) to administer the project.

He concluded that this SISCC would operate under Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands (ICSI), which is owned by the government.