CITREC grants job offer’s to Guadalcanal Province

VEKE-CITRECGUADALCANAL Premier Hon. Anthony Veke has created labour mobility history by receiving Letters of Offer for employment from Major Employers, Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) who are ready to hire Guadalcanal CITREC graduates for temporary employment in Canada.

Premier Hon. Veke, who is in Canada at the invitation of the sector council said that this opportunity give by the Canadian employers to Guadalcanal graduates is just not an opportunity for Guadalcanal and its people to celebrate but for the nation as a whole to come together and cherish the achievement.
During a Tourism and Hospitality Council conference in Canada, which was attended by over 400 hotel and tourism sector employers Premier Veke received letters of offer from major Canadian employers.

Including restaurant chain McDonald’s Canada these letters of offer confirms the intention of these employers to begin hiring GP Graduates for a period of 4 months to 24 months.

Speaking during the event, which was attended by Saskatchewan Minister of Labour Don Morgan, Premier Veke praised the Canadian Government in Saskatchewan for its continued support of his government and most importantly, to the people of Guadalcanal Province.

We in Guadalcanal province strongly believe that if there is any Province in Canada that can help build a stronger person-to- person relationship, business-to- business partnership, government to government relationship it is none other then the people and Province of Saskatchewan,” Premier Veke said.

In a strong statement Premier Veke said, “ To the employers in this room here today every time you hire a CITREC Job Ready Graduate from the Guadalcanal Province you are just not hiring a temporary foreign worker. You are supporting an entire family, an entire village and a nation. By sitting thousands of miles away you are helping build a Province and a nation. To the employers, you will become a beacon of hope in the lives of these Job Ready Graduates. I am optimistic that our partnership is just beginning and in years to come it will grow stronger and stronger,” Premier Hon. Veke said.

Premier Honourable Veke further said that “ Through foreign remittances that these workers will remit from the salary they receive, you are helping a family, a son, and a mother back home. You are helping a child go to school, you are helping my economy,” Premier Hon. Veke said.

Premier Hon. Veke said that this employment opportunity being offered by the Canadian employers to Guadalcanal graduates’ is just not an opportunity for Guadalcanal and its people to celebrate but for the nation as a whole to come together and cherish the achievement.

Premier Hon. Veke also stated that with the high unemployment rate in Solomon Islands this partnership could help reduce unemployment and that by hiring these graduates, employers are also providing not only remittances but also a Canadian standard skills that will further compliment the service standard of Solomon Islands growing tourism sector.

This is money that is going to go back to the economy of the Solomon Islands through remittances. These are dollars and cents that will in the long term help propel our economy,” Premier Hon Veke said. CITEREC chairman Ashwant Dwivedi, who accompanied Premier Hon. Veke to the conference said that it is a long awaited result that was achieved by the success of the CITREC program and its partnership with the Province of Guadalcanal.

We will work with Canadian authorities by following the process and procedures that are prescribed under the Immigration and Employment act of Canada to ensure that the employee-employer relationship is firm and binding and benefits all parties concerned,” Chairman Dwivedi said.

Last year during the signing of the Labour Mobility agreement it was announced that the process for recruitment by the sector council would begin by July 28 th , 2016.

Source: CITREC Media Centre