Opposition applauds gov’t on the launching of NDS

THE Parliamentary Opposition has applauded the Government on the launching of the National Development Strategic (NDS) 2016- 2035.

The NDS was launched on Friday 29th April by the Prime Minister.

In a statement today, the Opposition says the NDS is an important piece of document that provides the framework for planning and sustaining development going forward for the next 20 years.

“While the NDS provides the basis for planning and sustaining of development, it also ensures that our development aspirations are aligned to the expectations of international goals such as the Millennium Development Goals,” the Opposition said.

The Parliamentary Opposition Office further reiterated that the NDS provides the framework to guide and direct the Government’s medium and long term development plans.

The Opposition Office applauded the Government, especially the Ministry of Planning and Aid Coordination, for producing the important framework.

The Opposition, however, recommended that the Government must consider establishing a committee that would provide the oversight in the translation and implementation of the NDS going forward.

“The committee’s work is primarily to provide progressive reports to successive governments on how far the country has been in terms of implementing the NDS and moreso in fulfilling the MDGs,” the statement said.

The Parliamentary Opposition Office further added that by creating an oversight committee, it will also assist the Government in planning with the allocation of adequate resources as well as maintaining the capacity to implement its medium and long term development plans.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group said whilst it is good to have such long development plans, the real challenge will be on any Government of the day to make sure it is implemented accordingly.

Source: Opposition Press