Investigator training a success

FORTY three Solomon Islanders has undertook and successfully completed a rigorous training program on conducting investigations into alleged corrupt activities or misconduct over the last two weeks.

Last Friday, the candidates were granted a Certificate IV in Government (Investigations) – an internationally accepted qualification.

Building the capacity of investigators aims to deliver a long-term benefit. Effective and competently conducted investigations significantly improves the ability of decision makers to implement appropriate outcomes following investigations, be they criminal, administrative or disciplinary actions, or systemic improvements designed to prevent misconduct or maladministration occurring in the future.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has been a key advocate for this training, “Strong investigation capacity means strong governance, and all Solomon Islanders will benefit.”

The Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification which will support the audit, inspection and investigative functions undertaken by authorized officers in a range of Solomon Islands Government Ministries and Agencies.

The training has been developed based on the relevant Solomon Islands legislation, and will focus on investigations into breaches of the Solomon Islands Public Financial Management Act, Public Service Act, Public Service Commission Regulations, Leadership Code (Further Provisions) Act and the Penal Code.

The principles and work practices covered by the course are directly relevant to the review role of internal audit and more specifically, to the investigative role.

Mr Francis Otto, President of the Association of Internal Auditors (Solomon Islands) stated “The training establishes a strong capacity to investigate fraud and corruption in the Solomon Islands. We aim to promote transparency and accountability, ensuring public funds are utilized effectively and efficiently. It is part of an overall plan to improve public financial management, providing a solid foundation for economic growth in the Solomon Islands.”

The program was a joint initiative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Association of Internal Auditors (Solomon Islands), funded by the Australian Government.

By Admin/News Desk