Yow still SIPA chief executive officer

“Sasako misleads, my passport is here”

Mr Yow. Photo: Solomon Star

COLLIN Yow is still the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA).

Responding to Alfred Sasako’s front page articles in the two daily newspapers yesterday, Mr Yow said Mr Sasako and “a few bunch of big business boys” has embarked on a media campaign to oust him resulting in the series of tasteless articles which he said tantamount to nothing more than lousy journalism.

“I am still the CEO of SIPA,” he said during a press conference at the SIPA office yesterday afternoon.

He said Mr Sasako has misled the public enough and has crucified me enough.

“To prove that report and what Mr Sasako has made some very misleading and defamatory articles about me, here is my passport which reportedly said was seized from me.”

The SIPA CEO then displayed the passport (See picture) saying everything Mr Sasako and a few of the business groups are doing is to deprive Solomon Islanders of a better life and taking control of their own country.

“Now here is why I am still the CEO of SIPA.

“The sacked SIPA chairman Billy Titiulu had been very supportive of this reform, but all of a sudden he changed his mind.

“Sacked board member Johnny Sy has been very influential and during a board meeting which they decided not to include me in on April 12, they came up with a resolution in the tune of Johnny Sy instructing me to cease the SIPA rice, apologise to big businesses and informed me that the sacked Chairman will travel to Singapore.

“On April 18, the Minister issued a notice of termination for the SIPA chairman Billy Titiulu. This means the Minister has fired the SIPA chairman and board member Johnny Sy.

“On Sunday April 24, after dinner, I received a letter from the sacked chairman saying I was terminated from my services with SIPA.

“How can a person who is no longer chairman of SIPA terminate me? He was terminated already on April 18.

“I was instructed by the Minister that I am still the SIPA CEO and must continue to carry on with the good work for the people of this country.”

Mr Yow said, the media never take a neutral stand to verify with him knowing well the sacked chairman cannot terminate him.

“Mr Sasako got the news immediately because it came from this bunch of his insiders controlling this country’s profits. He then ran to the media and splashed it out in the front pages maybe using his tricks to influence the media.

“Should the media take time to verify with me all the crap Alfred was feeding them, they could have found out that my passport is here (picture) and never seized as claimed in the report.

“The report said my passport was held up by the relevant authorities on Friday last week, it is a fabricated lie.
“It claimed I fly in and out to avoid the authorities, which again is another fabricated lie. I am here at my SIPA office and will never run.

“It was claimed police including immigration officers marched into the CEO office on Friday and confiscated my passport, I have my passport here with me which makes it another fabricated lie.

“Mr Sasako also claimed despite a court order to reinstate the workers, I remained adamant to the order. SIPA have reinstated the dismissed employees as per court order.

“Those were all rubbish and must never be allowed to go in the press. The media must do their job by verifying what comes out from Mr Sasako because he is not merely reporting but have an agenda.

“They are using him to crucify me in the press, to spoil my reputation, to influence our people to go against the reforms, to stand against social justice for indigenous people.

“He painted a picture of me as a criminal. It’s bad journalism at its best. It’s personal crucifixion. It is public hanging. I am not guilty of all the claims Mr Sasako is tossing around in the public. What have I done so wrong that these few people do not like?

“Do they not like to see me transferring some of their big profits onto people? The increased tariffs will never affect prices because big businesses have been making huge profits. They are lying to you. They want to control and enjoy their big profits.

“You see, every year, they will continue to slowly shift the prices up. You, indigenous people will continue to think that your salaries need to be increased to accommodate this. You will ask for Salaries increase to deal with price hikes.

“I am telling you the truth, they are profiteering handsomely therefore, to ensure you save some money and realize your salary is fine, let’s get them to reduce their big profits and save a poor Solomon Islander of his/her hard earned income.

“This is modern slavery.

“I will never stop because I believe in justice for people and giving it back to indigenous people.

“These big boys are free to investigate me, they will find nothing. But why I’m I insisting with these reforms? Because I want to see people benefit. I want to give everything back to Solomon Islanders.

“The caucus and the infrastructure Minister are very supportive of this because they know the genuine drive behind all these reforms.

“This is about profitability, which is why we touched on something that is really sensitive to them.

“The Minister Jimmy Lusibaea and the Caucus are doing this country a favour. He cares about indigenous Solomon Islanders, which is why he is standing firm against these forces.”

Mr Yow then challenged GPPOL, SOLRICE, NFD, SOLTUNA & Solomon Airlines to attend a public forum to debate.

“I will stand and fight on behalf of the people of Solomon Islands, making sure we reduce the huge profits and save some money back in people’s pockets, increasing your purchasing powers.

“Yes a public forum to debate. Let us see who is fighting for who and who is telling the truth. I also want people to come and listen.

“I am all for this. I am not going to stop and I can only stop when I am terminated. This is about profitability. It’s time to sort it out; it’s time to put it behind.”

Mr Yow thanked the government and the minister for believing in change and bettering the lives of people.

“They are supportive of this but why is the sacked chairman and his few crew against what is best for people is something only they themselves can answer.

“SOEs must be allowed to participate in social developments and reforms.

“What we are doing is for people. What I do is detrimental to my livelihood; I choose to do this by risking my job, my life, for what I believe in, to do what it takes to regain ownership for our people. If all I want is money, I would stay under the radar, keep foreign businesses happy, and give what they want. But I choose not, I choose to champion indigenous rights. No one can say I do this for money and risk my life for the social reform.

By Admin/News Desk