Opposition queries gov’t on new strategy for Malaita

Manele-finalTHE Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Government to inform the nation on the progress of the new proposal undertaken to implement the national projects on Malaita Province.

In a statement today, the Opposition Group says in November 8th last year, the Prime Minister had admitted himself that “the government may have been talking to the wrong people.

As such, the Prime Minister assured the country then that his Government will review its strategy towards implementing the national projects in the Province.

“We would like the Prime Minister and his Government to inform us on the reviewing of the new strategy for Malaita and what the Government has done so far in relation to the new approach for Malaita projects.

The Opposition believes the people of Malaita and the country as a whole have the right to be informed of the Government’s new strategy on whether it had already been done or not,” it said.

The Opposition Group made this call after recent reports that emerged that the DCC Government may withdraw its support for proposed projects in Malaita.

The Opposition Group says whilst the Government has reiterated its commitment amidst the reports; the Opposition warned that such report does not reflect well of the promises made to the people of Malaita.

“It is enough of making empty promises and the Government must come out and spell out the truth about projects in Malaita whether or not it will still go ahead as promised,” it says.

The Opposition Group says the promise to salvage Malaita province was echoed by the Prime Minister since DCCG took office in December 2014 and throughout 2015.

However, the Government has failed miserably to progress on national projects in Malaita namely Auluta Palm Oil Project, Waisisi Palm Oil Project, Bina Harbor Industrial Township Project, Suava Tuna Canning Project and Wairokai International sea port.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group reminded the Government that these projects are significant national projects and must not continue to be used as political propaganda.

“Whilst the Opposition welcomes the idea of revisiting the failed approach by the DCCG, the Opposition would also like to see a clear policy direction for the earmarked projects,” it said.

The statement adds that the Prime Minister must live up to his promise for Malaita given that a lot of the promises to the people since the start of 2015 have been nothing but sweet talk.

Source: Office of the leader of Opposition Press