Veke is back as GP new premier

Premier Anthony Veke. Photo credit: SIBC

Premier Veke. Photo credit: SIBC.

Anthony Veke, provincial member for Tangarare Ward has elected as Premier for Guadalcanal Province.

He replaced Bartholomew Vavanga who was ousted in a no confidence motion, and outnumbered his colleague contestant, Rolland Seleso by twelve to nine at a secret ballot box yesterday.

Veke who has held the Premier’s position a few times already with much criticism, now vowed to move the province forward by listening to the people.

“To move forward, I will listen, for listen we must as we all go forward; listening together as we meet challenges,” he said after being elected Premier.

Premier Veke said moving forward by all means and all aspects of the administering included implementing the government policies to make that difference people want is what his government will pursue.

“Today, the task of governing the people moves forward because all of us still believe that their elected leaders still carries their dreams and aspirations.

“It moves forward because the challenges ahead are enormous and we have to face them, they are no easy task.

“It is because we have so much to be done and because people of Guadalcanal demand better services delivery, effective and efficient management of their resources.

“Because we still need to perfect the way we do things, because the people are still willing and determine to work with their government.

“It moves forward because people will make positive changes that are required at all levels of government and leaderships,” said Premier Veke.

He said the task is challenging and he knows very well at this difficult time but he believes together steering through, challenges can be turned into opportunities.

“This change of leadership is not about politicians attacking each other; it’s about attacking the challenges facing the people every day.

“It’s about the issues that matter in people’s lives and about how we’re going to bring about the change the people desperately need.

“That’s what the change in leadership is about,” he said.

Source: Solomon Star/Solomon Today Post