Gov’t Caucus shows support for SIPA’s reform program

THERE is a general support for the Solomon Islands Ports Authority’s Reform Program by members of the Government Caucus.

The general show of support was obviously expressed when the Chief Executive Officer of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority, Colin Yow and his Executive Directors presented the State-Owned-Enterprise’s plans in the Reform Program in the Cabinet Chambers of the Prime Minister’s Office Tuesday.

The Government Caucus heard the last reform the Solomon Islands Ports Authority underwent was in 1956.

And since the current reform program started just over 12 months ago, the presentation outlined that tangible changes have been noted including the prohibition of Overtime claims by workers which cost millions annually.

The Solomon Islands Ports Authority has since introduced a 24-hour shift in areas needing continuity and a biometric clock-in system which records the workers’ arrival at work place.

With the biometric clock-in system in place, punctuality has remarkably improved.

The Ports Authority Executives said the changes may seem small, but they mean the authority can now make money and is moving towards making a profit as stipulated in the State-Owned-Enterprises Act.

And the presentation showed better and improved interactions between the Chief Executive Officer and the Directors which were not there before.

SIPA’s CEO, Mr Yow acknowledged the cooperation of his Directors to carry out the SIPA Reform Program.

And he added they are all committed to ensuring the reform will be successful as they all realise there are vast potentials for economic growth in Solomon Islands.

Source: PM Press