Renbel executive presents policy document to acting PM

Premier Collin Tesua'atai (L) presents the document to DPM Maelanga.

Premier Collin Tesua’atai (L) presents the document to DPM Maelanga.

THE Rennell and Bellona Provincial Executive today (yesterday) have presented its policy document to the Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga.

The document which includes a policy statement with its accompanying framework contains the Province’s first five year development plan (2015-2019) which is aligned to the current DCC Government policy framework.

Premier Hon. Collin Tesua’atai said the document sets out the Province’s development priorities for the next 5 years of the Province’s 20-year development plan.

The Premier also highlighted that his executive will be meeting with relevant Ministries to discuss how the plan will be implemented in partnership with the National Government.

The Executive this week will further discuss the Policy document with heads of Government Ministries to foster greater understanding and partnership to implement the Policy.

One of the most pressing needs of the Provincial Executive is to build a fully equipped administration complex to accommodate provincial officers to properly implement the plan.

Also on the list of other urgent infrastructure needs are housing for provincial officers, a provincial assembly building and accommodation for Provincial Members and the Premier’s Official Residence.

Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga said the Provincial Policy Document is an important step towards the administration and development of the Province.

“This is an important document and I am pleased to announce that I will ensure that relevant government ministries must assist your executive and officials to implement this plan,” Mr Maelanga said.

He encourages the Premier and his Executive to make every effort to implement the plan in close partnership with the National Government so that the set goals could be delivered to people.

Other areas highlighted during the meeting include health and education services in the province, mining, agriculture and fisheries and a proposed reconciliation program in view of the ongoing disputes that have clamped down on the mining sector on the island of Rennell.

Source: GCU