New AG sets priorities

SOLOMON Islands new Auditor General Peter Lokay has set his immediate priorities just a week after his formal appointment.

Among his six top priority tasks is to ensure his office continues to contribute towards the Government’s current anti-corruption measures through releasing timely audit reports to make Government accounts transparent and to put forward recommendations on how to improve public financial management practices.

The Auditor General is also keen to release timely audit opinions on forthcoming financial statements from key State Owned Enterprises which are currently being audited and which are required to be issued by the end of March and April.

A third priority task is to release in due course outstanding reports on audits that have been conducted by the Auditor General’s Office including the Constituency Development Funds audit, as well as annual reports to the Parliament.

Fourth on his immediate tasks is to complete stakeholder consultations on a new audit legislation which he is planning to submit to the Government for inclusion in its legislative program later in the year.

As he settles in this week, Mr Lokay is currently meeting with his staff to establish working relationships and to familiarize himself with the existing business practice reforms that have been put in place at the Auditor General’s Office and those which are still being implemented at this time.

His final priority task is to assess the current level of competence of his staff and Office practices in terms of international auditing standards that apply to Solomon Islands so that he can work with them to better comply with those standards over coming years.

The Auditor-General provides transparency to Government’s accounts, which make public officers accountable for the collection and use of the public’s money, by conducting audits on the finances of the Government and producing reports on those audits which are made available to the public.

Source: GCU