HCC defaults refuse collection

Rubbish 1 - CopyHONIARA city council has been criticized for failing to collect refuse rubbish from a number of suburban residential areas within the city posing the threat of disease outbreak among residence.

Complaints about the bad smelly stench from piles of uncollected refuse have blamed the Honiara City Council responsible authorities for failing to carry out an essential service requirement.

They said bad stench or odor from heaps of uncollected rotting matters is a threat to good health.

They claimed the rubbish have not been collected since late December 2015.

One resident from Koloale Housing Estate in Honiara has bitterly protested accusing Honiara City Council of defaulting a fundamental health requirement to maintain a healthy environment to Honiara city residents.

She said along the Koloale road there are piles of garbage laying everywhere uncollected.

“The bins (drums) are jam-packed up to their brim, giving chances for stray dogs and cats to mess the refuse further by capsizing the containers littering rubbish all over the walk-ways and roads,”

“Everything was left to rot fueling foul and unbearable odor to the residents,” she said.

She said the neglect in collecting the refuse rubbish all seemed as though HCC does not even care about the health of the people living in the area.

She said it is about time Honiara City Council wakes up from its long nap to do something about salvaging the unhygienic conditions city residents are experiencing under its leadership.

One resident said he was very disappointed at receiving a negative response from HCC officials whose only lame excuse was the lack of enough vehicles to collect rubbish round the city.

“We only have one truck to do rubbish collection in and around the city and this is not possible to do the work for the entire township,” was the response.

Another resident from Zion settlement said the failure is an injustice to the city residents who have been paying basic rates to the council plus other business license fees.

Honiara city council officials could not be reached for comment.