Parl launches “online booking” tours

THOSE wanting to visit the National Parliament of Solomon Islands are now relieved from the process of going through the traditional request letters to online booking systems.

They will now make their bookings online from their computers through the Parliament website.

As part of modernising Parliament, the Solomon Islands Parliament has embarked on a new online booking system for visits to Parliament for both international and local people.

This new online booking system has been built in by the Parliament ICT department together with the Civic Education Unit as part of the ongoing Parliamentary outreach programme.

Like most West Minster Parliaments around the world who have already moved from the traditional request letters to online booking systems, Solomon Islands Parliament now has it.

Parliament visits are quite popular among schools in and outside of Honiara throughout the year; therefore, schools are encouraged to now make their bookings online by visiting the Parliament website (

The visits to parliament are basically, to help citizens understand the work of Parliament and our Members of Parliament (MPs) and most importantly our democratic processes.

Internationally visitors are always interested in learning about the country and its democratic system; therefore, they do come in numbers throughout the year.

Mr Simon Small from England is the first international visitor who used the online booking system.

He made his booking last year in October and visited our Parliament on Tuesday 26 January.

In 2015 alone we have a total of 598 students from 15 Schools in Honiara and Guadalcanal and a total of 712 international visitors from countries such as Australia, Japan, Spain, Germany, Switcherland,United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, China, Canada, Philipines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, PNG, Fiji, Poland and the United States of America.

In summary, the National Parliament has attracted a total of 1310 visitors in 2015 and is expecting more visitors this year 2016.

Source: Parliament Media