Kick Nazar out: Opposition

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has reiterated its call for the Government to terminate any agreement with Nazar Group of Company forthwith.

The Opposition repeated its call following fresh allegations made by a businessman Pawael Misiec warning the Government not to be fooled into working with con companies such as Nazar led by a controversial character Sukru Cebi; Nazar’s boss.

“In the course of the year 2015, the Opposition Group has continuously warned and advised the Prime Minister and his Government not to involve with ghost companies that have no history of investment anywhere.

“This however has fallen on deaf ears and the Prime Minister has continuously defended the company despite clear indications of the company being untrustworthy,” a statement issued today by the Opposition Group said.

In November last year, the Opposition Group has exposed the Prime Minister’s link with Nazar which disclosed a letter written by the Nazar CEO to the Prime Minister and his wife.

The letter dated September 29th 2015 clearly indicated that Nazar has been renting one of the Prime Minister’s homes at his area at Lungga.

“The letter itself has proved beyond doubt the Prime Minister’s personal interest with the Nazar Company. However, to date the Prime Minister has never truthfully inform the nation whether he has already cancelled the rental agreement with Nazar or not” it said.

The statement adds even though the rental agreement between the Prime Minister and the company had been terminated or not; it still doesn’t change the fact that the Prime Minister had a personal connection with the company.

The statement adds this only comes to prove why the Prime Minister has been so protective over Nazar.

“So is this why the Prime Minister will continue to protect Nazar because he is still personally benefitting from the company?” the Opposition questioned.

The statement adds that it is an act of hypocrisy especially when a leader who boasts so much about fighting corruption head-on has done nothing but the Opposite.

“So it is a challenge to the Prime Minister to show to this nation his seriousness in fighting corruption as one of his 2016 priorities and cancel all arrangements with Nazar.  We had had enough bad publicity and we cannot continue to be like this.

The Opposition calls on the Prime Minister to be reasonable and listen to advice most especially from competent authorities.

“We don’t want to experience the same sad false stories of 2015. The ordinary people of this country had enough of false starts and false promises.

“The most responsible thing to do is to kick such scammers out of the country before we become victims of their con investment agendas,” it said.

Source: Opposition Press