177 SIG students terminated

HUNDRED seventy-seven (177) students studying under Government (SIG) sponsorship at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji including other overseas institutions had their scholarships terminated last year.

This was after they failed two or more of their courses.

NTU Director, Clement Tito revealed the figure to students on Wednesday at the NTU office.

“177 students had failed their courses last year, thus, resulted in their scholarship awards, terminated straight away,” he said.

While revealing the number, Mr Tito encouraged those (students) who awarded the SIG scholarship this year 2016 to make worthy use of the golden opportunity.

Another officer within the NTU spoken to in anonymity said that this is a large number of students to have terminated.

“Some terminated straight away due to failing more than three courses while others are suspended for failing two courses.

“In previous years we have terminated a large number of students also due to poor performance,” he said.

He said previously the government was too lenient with students.

“This will no longer be the case.

“Students need to know we send them out to study. And if they cannot perform, there are others on the waiting list that must be given the opportunity.

He added they don’t know why students are under performing.

“Maybe the social life there was attractive that they forget about their schooling. Whatever it is, students need to know if they cannot perform, they will lose their scholarships,” he said.

He said those wishing to appeal against the ministry’s decision can do so through the appeal committee (NTC).

He said that the Ministry will get tougher on students from now on and at the same time urged students provided with scholarships this year to work hard and make full use of the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the mass termination had fueled heavy criticism from the public describing it as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

“Sending of students to go there and miserably failed their courses and return home doing nothing is a slap on the government face.”

A public servant who wants to remain anonymous added that sending of students for the sake of having access to such stipend is a blow to the country’s taxpayers.

“This is something the NTU and NTC need to relook at while awarding scholarship awards to students,” he said.

This year SIG has set 7 charter flights to fly or carrying students studying in Fiji and in other regional USP Campuses including UPNG students.

Three chartered flights had done while the fourth Charter will leave on the weekend (24th Sunday) to be followed by charter 5, 6 and 7 next week.

USP orientation and registrations will commence on 1st -5th February with actual lectures to starts on 8th February.

By Admin/News Desk