Communities say good-bye to water problem

RESIDENTS of Darikwata and Namoia village along Kwaibaita valley in East Malaita finally have access to clean drinking water.

The community is now able to fetch fresh running water by turning on a tap from a stand pipe at their door step thanks to their Provincial member for ward 16, Hon Finley Fiumae.

Mr Fiumae had provided funds for the repair of the water supply system after it was damaged by a fallen tree depriving the community from accessing water supply to their homes for more than a month.

Mr Fiumae purchased PPC water pipes worth around $500 and provided manpower which finally got the water supply up and running once again.

“For the past weeks we have to walk a few kilometers to the nearby streams to fetch water for cooking, swimming and washing while some of our neighbors have to travel to Namolaelae village and other nearby villages to collect water for drinking,” said one resident.