Lodumoe-Tuki primary honours its graduants

A mother congratulating her daughter.

Some of the grade 6 graduants share the last moment together.

LODUMOE-TUKI Primary School near Poitete, North Kolombangara in the Western Province has honoured its graduating students with special treat.

The school held its graduation ceremony to recognise its hard working grade six students with colourful certificates and prize presentation.

The graduation was celebrated with the theme: “Education under Gods Plan”.

The primary school is run under the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) authority.

On Wednesday (last week) parents, guardians and staff of the school witnessed the third batch (14 students) of its grade six students in their colourful gowns had awarded with certificates of their academic completion.

It was an emotional ceremony indeed to many parents and guardians as they started to felt the loneliness in their hearts since some of their children, especially grade six, will miss their families to further studies at different schools next year.

A mother congratulating her daughter.

A mother congratulating her daughter.

Also most parents shed tears as they received words of acknowledgment and appreciation from the students and the school management for their generous support through the years.

Meanwhile, graduants were encouraged that this is not the end but the start of another journey that requires hard work, commitment and to set higher goals in their education career.

They (students) were reminded that education is the key to success while parents and teacher were told to continue to guide their children in their learning journey.

Graduants (grade 6) were given best wishes as they will hopefully continue to further their education next year.

It’s dubbed remarkable as the grade six (6) student’s share the last moment with their fellow school-mates, parents and staff as some (students) might be selected to do their secondary study (forms one) at different institutions comes 2016.

Parents and graduands share the moment together.

Parents and graduands share the moment together.

The event starts at 9:30am till late afternoon with entertainment (choirs) provided by SDA youths from Lodumoe and Tuki community.

The school got its name from the two communities which are Lodumoe and Tuki, located in the Northern expanse of Kolombangara Island.

The program ends with entertainment and feasting.