Security a prerequisite to economic development

Private View

NATIONAL security is an integral element for any country’s economic development. Its absence would mean timidity (insecurity) to investors who tried their best to build an economy of a particular country through their business assets and the nation as a whole.

The term (National security) might have altered definition and views to different people. But the fact of penning this simple view is to reiterate the importance of security and why it’s important for citizens to work together with Police.

While it is eminent that foreign investors and tourist are eyeing Solomon Islands as their business destination, it’s paramount that security must be a priority.

Ensuring local and foreign investors safe in whatever economic development they are up to in this nation is precedence.

Foreigners must be protected in the ambit of law to make sure liberty prevails in doing their business obligation or investment.

Building this country’s economy forward is everyone’s business with responsible authorities, government, NGOs and stakeholders working together with police to guarantee effectual security.

 I believe an effective national security is a requirement for any economic development in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands are a developing country that strives to meet its development aspiration, however, lawlessness and awful behaviors remains a problem hindering development to wither.

For instance, the saga (tension) between landowners in Renbel Province over the mining operation, threats at logging camps like the one in Mono Islands, robbery of Westpac bank early this year in Honiara with the recent robbery of the BSP bank in Auki Malaita Province are few indicators revealing the need for police to tighten up its belt to combat such lawlessness. Such behavior and lawlessness will bring us to nowhere but held this country stagnant in economic development.

This is something responsible authorities should take into consideration seriously before worst is anticipated.

It is apparent in our societies that criminal issues are skyrocketing at an alarming pace. Youths are engaging in unwarranted activities like consuming of alcohol, drugs and Marijuana which leads them to destruction or ended up in trouble.

Combating these social issues needs a collective effort from the communities, churches, chiefs and individuals working together with police to ensure our societies are safe and criminality free.

We need a healthy society in order to pull in foreigners doing businesses here to boost our economy. How can we expect investors to flood in the country to do business when there is security mayhem? It’s impossible.

 While I acknowledge our police force in taking the frontline in ensuring law and order remains perpetual in the country, I suggest that much more need to be done.

And that alone will not be police duty but it’s the responsibility of every citizens of this country to shoulder it together with Police. Everyone have the responsibility to share. Ensuring peace, law and order preserve in our nation is paramount. So, we must assist police in carrying out its work.

Supporting our Police force (RSIPF) in their toil is vital to ensure they carry out their duty responsibly and effectively.

Government ceaseless backing towards police institution is appreciable, however, it’s significant that government must continue to prioritize law and order and further bolster the pertinent institutions charged with the onus to safeguard the country’s national security.

Also as I support the limited rearmament of three units in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) which includes the Police Response Team (PRT), the Close Personal Protection Unit (CPP) and the police providing security at the Henderson international airport, the issue of concern is the trust and confidence the public have in officers (Police).

I believe there are RSIPF officers who were involved in the ethnic tension but still in the force.

To rebuild the confidence and trust of communities is something the RSIPF needs to be thoughtful about likewise the force must be more disciplined.

With the Regional Assistant Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) drawdown continue to persist in the country; it’s paramount to ensure no gaps in the RSIPF after RAMSI depart in 2017.

I extol the duties of RAMSI and its commitment in affirming law and order constant in the nation. Because of their presence and teamwork with RSIPF we enjoy the peace to-date. Cooperation is crucial to ensure relationship between police and communities intact.

We (all citizens) must work closely with the Police to ensure Solomon Islands a law abiding nation.

However, for this to happen as expected, RSIPF must be resourced to effectively and capably discharge their important responsibilities.

Police plays a critical role in maintaining law and order in the country and they too must be applauded.

The unceasing exit of RAMSI presence in the country (RAMSI Drawdown Strategy 2013 – 2017) is an agreement approved by the Solomon Islands Government and the RSIPF in 2013.

Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every citizen of Solomon Islands to support and cooperate with RSIPF to guarantee peace prevails in our beautiful shore.