Students participation commended

STUDENTS of the University of the South Pacific Solomon Islands (USP SI) campus in Honiara have been commended for their participation and commitment throughout the 15th Inter-tertiary games that concluded over the weekend.

USP SI Student Association president (USPSA-SI) Nickson Banyo said:

“As a president looking after the students I must applaud the (my) students for their time and commitment throughout the week-long event.

“I appreciate the students for showing interest in sports which is good. It refrain them from involving in unwanted social activities or unlawful activities but give them the opportunity to participate in sports which is healthy.”

He added that the event (Inter-tertiary games) is marked as one of the very important date in the campus calendar as they are looking forward for every year.

“Despite obstacles of transportation, students spend their own pocket money to make it to the training grounds and games venue which demonstrate their commitment and I must acknowledge them for that,” he said.

Banyo said that the sporting event is exciting and tremendous as it exposes the hidden talents/skills of students relating to sports.

“Also this has bridged student to know each other culture given the opportunity so that they (students) can share experiences with other campuses colleague.

“Generally the event is best and USP SI campus students are truly enjoyed it,” he said.

Meanwhile, he congratulated the champions in individual sports including USP SI and thanked all participating teams from various campuses for their cooperation and commitment in the success of the event.

“We are looking forward for next year event and we’ll prepare in advance to get top prizes,” he said.

Banyo also thanked the host campus (SINU) for its effort to ensure the event a successful one.